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How To Care For Your Extensions

How to care for hair extension correctly?
Hair extensions, not only hair extensions, all the items, shoes, cars, computers need the care regularly to keep it last long time.

  • The shoes will lose its gloss if no shoe polish dressed every time you put on it.
  • The computer will be slow to run If you do not clean it every month.
  • The car will be easy to break down on the way home if no right maintenance, even the Benz.
  • Using the right way to care the right item is a really right idea!

Let us talk about how to care human hair extensions.

Shampoo is a necessity.
Since it is human hair, it performs soft and feel silky when you touch it. Donors body offers it nutrition all the time before it cut. So, we should keep shampooing it as a way to offer nutrition to keep it soft and silky, or it will be dry and tangle. That is a must.

How to care for human hair extensions correctly

Less dry blowing, less perming, less restyling, less dying, as few as possible.
All the thing above, dry blowing, perming, restyling, dying is harmful to your human hair. Too much heat will make the hair strand more weak and easy to break off as that destroy the molecular structure of the hair. It is like foods is easier to go bad in summer as the high temperature changes its molecular structure, too.

You will have a deeper understanding when you do it to your own hair.

Only wide teeth comb is recommended and brush it in the right way. 
Not only hair extensions, also your own hair. Honestly, most of the customers do not know how to brush it in the right way. The right way is from bottom to root, you can part the hair into 3 parts. First, to brush the bottom part, then the middle part, finally the root part. In this way, you hair extensions or you own hair will never tangle or sheds.

Comb hair extensions with a wide tooth comb or fingers

Avoid the strong sunshine in summer.
Especially when it comes to tape hair, pre bonded hair. The bonding area will melt and It will sheds. Wearing a cap for protection please.

Protect your hair extensions from the sun.

Avoid using Alcohol-based Products.
Alcohol-based Products will dry hair out, matte them down and then your hair will tangle.

Use products with little to no alcohol or they will dry out.

Just remember that now that your new hair does not have its donor for nutrition and health, we can do most of this ourselves and prolong the life of our hair extensions.

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